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Substance Use And Mental Health Counseling Near Fair Lawn

If you’re dealing with a substance use and mental health disorder, you need all the assistance you can find. While individual therapy with the counselors at The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn is essential for healing, there’s also a powerful impact from discussing with fellow patients through group counseling near Fair Lawn. Throughout group counseling, you’ll have an opportunity to listen to the experiences of other people and discuss your own in a safe, social environment. By participating in group therapy near Fair Lawn, you’ll find the support and validation that only other people going through the same experience can supply.

Who Is Able To Engage In Our Group Therapy Near Fair Lawn 

The Counseling Center serves adults and teenagers at least 14 years old. Our group therapy near Fair Lawn is for patients who seek ongoing support for mental illness and addiction recovery. As an outpatient counseling facility, we support those who are medically fit enough to live at home and do not require round-the-clock care.

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How Group Counseling Benefits Mental Health

Mental illnesses can make you feel alone. The Counseling Center’s group counseling near Fair Lawn gives you the chance to get out and engage other patients in a comfortable atmosphere. You’ll receive the same advantages of one-on-one counseling with an additional social element. Instead of conversing with one individual, you can hear multiple viewpoints from peers dealing with similar circumstances.

While loved ones and friends might not relate to your mental health struggles, your peers in group counseling know just how you feel. You’ll be able to discuss your thoughts and feelings with people who understand and won’t pass judgment on you. Hearing about others’ stories will help you feel less ostracized or isolated. You can also improve people skills and practice building positive relationships in a managed setting.

Through the use of proven psychotherapy practices under the direction of an expert counselor, your group will acquire ways for coping with your condition and life skills as a whole. Together, all participants will boost their self-esteem and cultivate the confidence they need to lead more fulfilling lives.

How Group Counseling Facilitates Drug And Alcohol Use Recovery

Alcohol and drug use recovery treatment is done through multiple steps. Once you complete detox and rehab programs, you still need and are entitled to additional . The goal of counseling at The Counseling Center is to help you recognize what triggers drug or alcohol use and learn ways to prevent or control those triggers so you don’t [[relapse]91]. In group counseling, you’ll discuss your encounters with alcohol and drug use with other people who have had the same or comparable situations. Collectively, you can explore coping strategies that have been effective for you and learn from others’ perspectives. You’ll also focus on vital social skills like:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Coping with challenging people
  • Controlling stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Repairing relationships

Being part of a group helps you overcome the negative emotions caused by drug and alcohol addiction. SupportedEncouraged by other people who understand what you’re dealing with, you’re less likely to encounter feelings of seclusion or shame. You’ll be able to speak openly with other patients without fear of judgment and develop self-confidence as you establish yourself as part of their group. Eventually, you’ll form encouraging relationships with other individuals that could exist outside your group. The positive reinforcement of group counseling is critical for life-long sobriety.

 What You Should Plan For During Group Therapy At The Counseling Center

At The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn, you can expect personalized care that takes into account your specific obstacles and objectives. Prior to scheduling your group therapy sessions, we’ll do a personal evaluation to grasp your medical history and figure out how group counseling fits into your individualized care plan. To begin, please contact 201-389-5326 and arrange an on-site or telehealth appointment for your evaluation.

Nearly all of our patients will take part in group therapy a minimum of once each week, but you can join daily if you are enrolled in our Partial Hospitalization Program. In group therapy, you’ll gather with a skilled practitioner and a group that is capped at 15 participants. Your group will consist of others with the same disorder as you and at a comparable place in their mental health or addiction recovery.

Your counselor will steer the discourse, but group participants do the bulk of the speaking. Eventually, everyone will have the chance to convey what they grapple with and receive advice for dealing with it from their fellow participants with similar struggles. Together, you’ll find solutions, practice life skills, and create positive social relationships. Many bonds forged during group counseling turn into mutually supportive and valuable long-lasting friendships outside of The Counseling Center.

In Need Of Group Counseling Near Fair Lawn?

Discover the mental health and addiction recovery assistance you deserve in group counseling at The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn! Place a call to 201-389-5326 or fill out the form below. We’ll reply immediately, no matter the day or time. Contact us today; we are ready to support you.