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Spravato Vs Ketamine

What's The Difference Between Spravato And Ketamine?

October 06, 2023

You might have read about SPRAVATO, the first breakthrough depression drug in over 20 years. Made specifically for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), Spravato targets particular neural pathways to enhance mood regulation. Spravato is the brand name for esketamine, frequently mistaken for the anesthetic ketamine. The two medications are related, yet there are some key differences between Spravato and ketamine.

What is Spravato (esketamine)?

Spravato is a revolutionary new drug that works differently than traditional antidepressants. The medication comes in the form of a self-administered nasal spray and assists the brain in delivering messages more effectively. By triggering certain receptors, you can better govern mood and lessen negative depression symptoms. The effect on mood may be immediate, especially for individuals suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression.

The active pharmaceutical agent in Spravato is esketamine, a derivative of ketamine. Although Spravato and ketamine are similar chemically, they impact the body in different ways. Ketamine is an anesthetic, while esketamine acts on particular neural receptors to boost the brain’s plasticity. In light of potential side effects like sedation, Spravato has to be administered under the guidance of credentialed healthcare practitioners, like the ones at The Counseling Center in Fair Lawn.

Esketamine is known for its quick therapeutic effect, with results frequently observed as soon as 1-2 days past the opening dose. Clinical studies indicate that treatment benefits are realized at the conclusion of the induction period (4 weeks). People taking Spravato have reported:

• Mood enhancement

• Improved productivity

• Heightened interest in activities/socialization

Spravato will not take the place of your regular antidepressant medication but is prescribed with your antidepressant.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a substance usually utilized as a limited-duration anesthetic and administered intravenously. The FDA has not approved ketamine as a depression medication. Ketamine also has gained notoriety as a "club drug" that has grown in popularity among young adults and teenagers. Consumed as a powder or liquid, ketamine can give users feelings of euphoria and dissociation. To lean more about ketamine addiction, please contact us at 201-389-5326.

What Is The Difference Between Spravato and Ketamine?

Frequently Asked Questions About Spravato vs. Ketamine

Will Spravato reduce pain like ketamine?

Spravato is not intended to address pain, and pain alleviation hasn’t been found as a side effect. Ketamine is used as a surgical and veterinary anesthetic.

Can I use Spravato independently?

Presently, Spravato is only available through authorized healthcare practitioners because of dissociation and sedation side effects and the danger of misuse or abuse.

What is Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)?

Spravato is only available for people with Treatment-Resistant Depression. You might have TRD if:

  • You've been treated for a severe depressive disorder
  • You’ve tried a minimum of two antidepressant medications
  • You have not responded to treatment

Millions of individuals around the world suffer from a major depressive disorder, and roughly 30% of those encounter TRD.

What is Spravato treatment like?

First of all, if you have interest in Spravato, you require a clinical assessment to figure out if the treatment is appropriate. At each session, you'll have your core vital signs taken and administer the nasal spray yourself. Every Spravato session may take up to two hours so professionals can observe you for side effects. A brief appraisal is done at the finish of each session to see how you’re progressing. Because of safety questions, the drug will only be available at a REMS-certified Spravato Treatment Center like The Counseling Center in Fair Lawn. It is also encouraged that you attend frequent therapy sessions while on Spravato.

Want More Information About Spravato?

Reach out to the Counseling Center to see if Spravato is right for you. Talk with a specialist by calling 201-389-5326 or completing the form on this page. We're here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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